New Website Launch for Startup Company

27Dec, 2019

This past Fall, Intro startup company hired our web development team to plan, develop their Branding, build website and support hosting.

Intro is established by a group of professional translators. They are endeavor to facilitate efficient communication between businesses and their customers.

The website began registering new customers and generating revenue within 1 day of its launch.

The website

Detail full screenshots of the web application

The work

Before any design or development work began on this branding + website project,

After discussing with the client, we developed a plan. Through hours of questioning, exploring, and expert consulting, a master plan road map for their project was laid out. All requirements, from budget to functionality to technology were agreed upon upfront, providing the client with clarity and confidence about what they could expect by engaging in a full development project with us. We followed by branding, custom design, and thenĀ  development of both the website and the SEO website.